Southeast Chalice Lighters

There are no active calls for the Southeast Chalice Lighter program at this time. We are currently evaluating a way forward with a regional Chalice Lighters plan. We recommend Faithify for funding congregational fund-raising for special projects at this time.
What is the Chalice Lighter program?

The Chalice Lighter program encourages and supports growth of Unitarian Universalism by awarding grants to member congregations and clusters. Grants are awarded for both traditional and innovative growth projects. Examples include:

Traditional grant projects:

Calling a minister, hiring RE professional, volunteer coordinator, music director, or other professional staff; buying a building or land; leasing a building or land; constructing a new building or renovating an existing one.

Innovative growth projects:

New signage or other ways to increase visibility; innovative adult or youth programming; video broadcasting of program(s); innovative advertising or community relations, including new web sites; satellite or branch church startup; outreach program to enhance diversity in congregation; two or more congregations working together.

How does it work?

No more than three times each year, a Chalice Lighter call describing the approved grant request is sent out to those who have pledged to support the program. By pooling contributions of $15 or more from the Chalice Lighters, we are able to provide substantial grants to congregations which are expanding their ministries.

The program serves the four districts of the UUA's Southern Region separately, so the support you pledge remains in your district. The districts are sharing payment accounts, so you may be routed to a PayPal account assigned to a different district.